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Surf the USA is hosting Knobtweakers.net since the day we launched it. Every host has service issues, but few [providers] are tenacious enough to get to the root of a recurring problem and solve it once and for all. Surf the USA doesn't expect their customers to settle for "good enough". They work hard to make customer experience great.

Eric Hamilton

April 2006

Surf the USA provides you with friendly internet access - nationwide. We're committed to providing excellent service. We pride ourself on your satisfaction. You'll always have a "home town" feel when working with us. We're here to liberate your ISP experience! Sign on with us and see why customers comment with these reviews (to the right).

Internet Access

Our Internet Access is available in many areas previously thought unreachable. Take a moment to browse our 11,673 available dialup locations to see for yourself.

Web Hosting

Host your website here, and we'll take care of it. We manage the site, the email addresses, the registration, Secure SSL/HTTPS, and the DNS. You receive FREE email accounts with your site. Just think, you'll have bob@example.com, sales@example.com, info@example.com, webmaster@example.com, support@example.com, press@example.com, and any others you imagine. That's enough to use yourself, or support employees in your business. Share the same system that's made us so successful, at a fraction of the investment.

Current Issues

All critical systems are operating at near peak performance. Please contact us if you encounter any difficulty with your service.

2007 Mar 16

Hardware Upgrades A new hosting server is online, and will shortly replace the existing hosting server. Features include more processing power, better disk space management, and more ram. We will inform you with additional information shortly.

2007 Feb 15

Mail delays Greylisting services are back online. The statistics data was reset. The old statistic data was invalid, causing the service to fail to start. All mail delays are back to their previous norms, with an exception to a "relarning cycle". Greylisting, by design, stalls reception of email from systems it has not seen before, based on the from address+ip, and the destination address. If the the existing attempt it atleast five minutes older then the first attempt, mail is delivered, otherwise it is stalled. Real mail systems always reattempt on a temporary failure compared to "Fire and forget" spam.

We apologize for this inconvenience. We also thank you for your continued support.

Mail delays For the last two days, mail has been delayed. The mail system rejected these messages with a "temporary failure", and mail should retry for up to five days before giving up. The cause appears to be a software bug in postgrey, a greylisting service that thwarts "Fire and forget" UCE. Some code enhancements have been sent back to the developers to aid in isolating this type of problem. In the meantime, greylisting will be disabled until a bugfix is available. You may see a spike in spam to your inbox until we have a fix to correct the problem. Once service is restored, "Fire and forget" UCE/spam will die down to previous levels. A systems monitoring script is also being enhanced to detect these types of issues sooner in the future.

We've filed the bug .

2007 Jan 28

Come Feb 1 2007, our Dial Up Access coverage will see some minor changes. The upgrade is made to ensure the further continued operation of Surf the USA and the 13,045 access locations (Nov 2006 count). There are no neccessary changes for our customers. We are providing this announcement as an advisement. We do not anticipate customers will experience any issues durring this upgrade. We will keep you posted in the event we discover something new. This upgrade will not affect running websites (including ours), our contact form, or the support line. The support line will remain open as usual, and the welcome message will reflect the state of any current issues if they arrise. If you discover any problems, please contact us for more information.

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We thank you for your continued support, and we strive to provide you the excellent service you've come accustom to.